Message Router

The Message Router facilitates communicate between the primary server and the secondary server. If you have only one business server with one set of message queues, this service is not necessary. If you don't see the Message Router tab in the Responder Service Configuration screen, it may need to be configured.

Once you have configured the Message Router, you must start the Message Router service. The Count field indicates the number of Message Router services running. If you change this value to 0 and click Apply, the Arguments field becomes enabled. Use this field to set your geodatabase server along with any arguments.

To start the Message Router, enter the number of instances you'd like to run in the Count field and click Apply. When the Message Router is running, you may not edit the Arguments field. The Path field always remains disabled. This field provides the path to the executable that launches the Message Router.


Below is a list of available arguments.




Forwards all messages from data services.


Forwards all messages from prediction services.


Forwards all messages from archive services.

Console: This screen currently exposes no functionality to manage the Message Router. These tools will be added in future releases.

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