Configure Responder Overview

Responder requires four components: Web Server, Data Services, Prediction Services, and ArcMap. These may be installed on the same server or different servers. Generally Data Services, Line Display Services, and Prediction Services are installed on the same server (Responder Services). The diagram below displays the configuration for Responder to work properly with ArcMap. Each arrow indicates the component to which the file should point.

The numbers in the image above indicate the necessary configuration files:

  1. Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe.config
  2. Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe.config
  3. ArcMapRemotingConfig.xml
  4. Miner.Responder.Explorer.exe.config
  5. WebRemoting.config
  6. Miner.Responder.ArchiveServices.exe.config
  7. Miner.Responder.ArchiveExplorer.exe.config
  8. Miner.Responder.LineDisplayServices.exe.config
  9. Web.config
  10. Miner.Responder.QueryWindowsService.exe.config

Optional Configuration

You may also configure Responder's TroubleMaker application.

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