Responder's TroubleMaker application allows utilities to use customer call information to simulate a call submission environment for dispatcher training or performance testing. TroubleMaker uses the call information in your database to submit calls to Responder.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to execute TroubleMaker on a NON-production database. In addition, if Archive Services are not running when you open TroubleMaker, errors may occur. To run TroubleMaker without configuring Archive, comment out the following line in Miner.Responder.TroubleMaker.exe.config:
<wellknown type="Miner.Responder.Shared.IArchiveServices, Miner.Responder.Shared" url="msmq://FormatName:DIRECT=OS:{ComputerName}\private$\RxArchive/ArchiveServices.rem" />

If you perform this configuration and run without Archive Services, the Generate TM Data From Archive tab is not available in TroubleMaker.

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