Apply XML Style Sheets

You can apply a style sheet to tailor XML files exported to or imported from another database.

  1. Select the Apply Style Sheet checkbox.
  2. Click the Browse button and navigate to the style sheet file that you want to apply.
    IMPORTANT: The ArcFM installation provides Replace.xsl as a sample style sheet. It is located in the Bin/Style Sheets directory of the ArcFM Solution installation folder.
  3. Click Open.

    The Replace.xsl file is included for this purpose with the sample data in the Style Sheets folder. To apply Replace.xsl to your XML in a useful manner, you may need to alter the text to be deleted and the text to replace it. This is accomplished by setting the "replace" XSL variable to the text to be deleted and the "by" XSL variable to the text that replaces it. Replace.xsl performs a global search-and-replace based on the values of the "replace" and "by" variables.

    A list of style sheets and their uses is available in the Appendix.


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