ArcFM Solution Configuration Overview

The ArcFM Solution is a suite of products that includes ArcFM Desktop, ArcFM Engine, and ArcFM Server. Administrators configure these products and create geodatabases containing intelligent sets of objects to represent the behavior and characteristics of landbase and utility features. ArcFM Solution applications are an extension to ArcGIS. Integrated with ArcMap and configured with ArcCatalog, ArcFM provides users a single environment to manage and map multiple features and objects that represent specific business processes and work flows. Administrators use tools such as the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog to configure specific functions that increase editing efficiency and design productivity in ArcMap.

Creating a New Geodatabase and Upgrading an Existing Geodatabase

If you're configuring a geodatabase to use the ArcFM Solution for the first time, follow the steps on the Configure a New Geodatabase page.

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