ArcFM Solution Toolbar

The ArcFM Solution toolbar is available in the stand-alone version of ArcCatalog but not through the ArcCatalog window opened through ArcMap. Display the ArcFM Solution toolbar by selecting View | Toolbars and selecting ArcFM Solution OR right-click on the gray area of the toolbar and select ArcFM Solution.

You can access the following ArcFM Solution functions from this toolbar:


Tool Name


About ArcFM Solution

Displays the About box where you can access information such as the product build number and contact information for Technical Support.

ArcFM Snapping Manager

Allows you to determine how features connect or "snap" to one another during placement. When placing one feature that snaps to another, the cursor will snap to the existing feature when it reaches the snapping tolerance.

ArcFM Properties Manager

Use to add, assign, and change model names and autoupdaters. The ArcFM Properties Manager also lets administrators configure the appearance and behavior of feature attribute fields.

ArcFM Favorites

Allows you to group and define the attribute values of frequently used features and graphics. Administrators may create favorites and graphics that are used but not edited by users.

Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables

Adds tables to a new database. The administrator, who needs to be logged in as the SDE user, runs this tool once to generate tables required by ArcFM to support Page Templates, Stored Displays, Documents, and Favorites, etc. When creating or updating ArcFM system tables, be sure to grant read and write privileges to other users.


ArcFM Solution Object Converter

Allows you to convert objects, feature classes, feature datasets, or geodatabases to use ArcFM (or Designer) custom geo-objects or revert to Esri objects. The Object Converter button is enabled when one or more objects are selected.

ArcFM XML Export

Allows you to export specific properties on object, feature, or relationship classes from your geodatabase into an XML file. You may export all of the features in the geodatabase, all of the features in a dataset, or an individual feature.

ArcFM XML Import

Use to import an XML file that contains properties for object, feature or relationship classes. Be sure to log in to a version to which you have edit privileges. This is necessary because the tool starts an edit session before modifying the database.

ArcFM Geodatabase Extraction

The ArcFM Geodatabase Extraction Tool, while visible in the ArcFM Solution toolbar in ArcCatalog, is no longer accessible.

Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database

Updates your geodatabase with modifications required by the latest release. You must be signed in as the data owner (of the business tables) to upgrade the database. This tool also requires that there be a single owner for all GIS tables in the geodatabase.

Orphaned Versions Clean Up

Removes any temporary post versions (appended with _MMPOST) that cannot be deleted. This temporary version exists until the design is deleted. If the design isn't deleted, the temporary version remains indefinitely. This tool also cleans up these temporary versions. These versions should be cleaned up regularly if you're using Designer.

Data Source Wizard

Allows you to change the data sources for the layers in stored displays, documents, page templates, map books, and designs (Designer only). This is extremely useful when moving stored displays from one server to another.

ArcFM Database Version

Displays the version of your ArcFM geodatabase.

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