ArcFM XML Import/Export

The ArcFM XML Import/Export utility lets users transfer model name, snapping, properties, and domain information between geodatabases.

Designer Users: The ArcFM XML Import and Export tools do NOT include extended data.

  • Files imported into your geodatabase using this tool must be XML and comply with the GxXML.dtd file found in the Bin\Xml folder of the ArcFM Solution installation directory.

  • For import, the following special characters cannot be used when naming any type of Favorite or Compatible Unit: $ ^ * + | ?. Any import that contains a CU Name or WMS Code with these special characters will fail. If necessary, you can search for special characters in your XML and remove them from all CU Names and WMS Codes. However, exports that contain CU Names or WMS Codes with these special characters will work.

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