ArcFM System Favorites Manager

ArcFM System Favorites lets you group and define the attribute values of frequently used features and graphics. Administrators can create favorites and graphics that are used but not edited by users. Users can create their own favorites in ArcMap. Features and graphics created using the ArcFM System Favorites Manager are available on the Features tab in the ArcMap table of contents. On the ArcFM Solution toolbar, the Favorites’ icon is the red heart .

The ArcFM System Favorites tool can have three tabs. The Features and Graphics tabs are available to ArcFM and Designer users. The Compatible Units tab is available only to Designer users.

IMPORTANT: When naming a favorite, the following special characters can be used: $ ^ * + | ?

Special characters cannot be used when naming Compatible Units.

TIP: Improve performance by first running the Process ArcFM Object Types tool, which caches object type information for all tables in the workspace. This improves performance when creating system favorites.
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