Change ArcFM Display Field

The ArcFM Display Field is the value displayed when a feature is listed on the Attribute Editor. The default Display Field is the ObjectID. You can change the Display Field to display a custom display name object or an attribute value other than the default using the ArcFM Properties Manager.

The Attribute field is used as the display field when no custom display object is selected. The ArcFM Display Field locator also uses the value in the Attribute field for its search criteria.

  1. Select a feature class in the Catalog Tree.
  2. Click the ArcFM Properties Manager button on the ArcFM Solution toolbar, or right-click a feature class and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
    The Field Display tab is displayed.
  3. Click the down arrow at the Primary Display Field window to select the field whose value you want displayed in the Attribute Editor, or select a value from the Display Name Object window.
  4. If you select a Display Name Object, this value overwrites what is selected in the Primary Display field. The value in the Primary Display field window is always used by the ArcFM Display Field locator.
  5. Use the arrows to the right of the ArcFM Field Display Order window to specify the order in which the fields should be displayed.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To save edits and retain the Properties Manager, click Apply.
    • To save edits and dismiss the Properties Manager, click OK.
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