Configure a Feature’s Snapping Properties

  1. To set a feature's snapping properties in ArcCatalog, right-click the feature and select ArcFM Snapping Manager.

    The feature class you’ve selected is displayed in the top left corner (in the example screenshot above, the “Fuse” feature class has been selected). The Subtypes field displays all subtypes for the feature class. You can set snapping properties for one or more subtypes or for the entire feature class.

  2. Select the subtypes for which you want to set snapping properties.

    Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiples. You can also hold down the Shift key and select the first and last subtypes to select all the subtypes between them. By default, all subtypes are selected. To deselect a subtype, hold the Ctrl key and click the subtype.

    Multiple Subtypes: When you have multiple subtypes selected, the Snapping Targets field reflects the targets for all selected subtypes. When the collective targets for multiple subtypes are displayed, the checkboxes turn blue, as shown in the image below. For example, Vacuum snaps to PriUGElectricLineSegment and BusBar. Overhead Expulsion snaps to PriOHElectricLineSegment. If you select both Vacuum and Overhead Explusion, all three targets are listed in the Snapping Targets field.

  3. Set the tolerance in the Snapping Tolerance.

    The Snapping Tolerance value is displayed in map units. If you have more than one subtype selected, this field remains disabled. Snapping tolerance can be set for only one subtype at a time. This field does accept decimal values (e.g., 0.5). At low resolution, however, you may need to switch from pixels to map units to see the effects of snapping on the map.

    NOTE: If you wish to use decimal values for Snapping Tolerance, the corresponding database field must support decimal values as well.
  4. Select a feature to which you want the selected feature (e.g., Fuse) to snap.

    The Available Feature Classes field lists all features in the geodatabase. You can select only one feature from the Available Feature Classes list at a time. Use the arrows to move a feature in the Available list to the Snapping Targets list. Features are added to the Snapping Targets list with all checkboxes enabled.

  5. Use the checkboxes in the Snapping Targets list to determine to which part of the feature your selected feature snaps.

    If you have multiple subtypes selected, the checkboxes appear shaded in green. You can select a shaded checkbox to clear it for all selected subtypes. Any checkboxes that appear in green also apply to all selected subtypes.

  6. Use the arrows at the right of the Snapping Targets field to place the features in the order they will be snapped.
    The selected feature snaps first to PriUGElectricLineSegment, and then to BusBar.
  7. If you want the Snapping Manager to look at the geometric network and determine whether connectivity rules have been added, click the Refresh button.
    Clicking the Refresh button updates the snapping properties based on the current geometric network.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • Click Apply to save changes and set snapping for another subtype.
    • Click OK to save changes and dismiss the ArcFM Snapping Manager.
    • Click Cancel to close the ArcFM Snapping Manager without saving changes.
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