Create Network Feature Classes

The feature classes discussed here participate in the geometric network. If you want to create features that do not participate in the network, refer to Create Non-Network Features for instructions.

  1. Right-click the dataset and select New > Feature Class.
    Networked feature classes cannot be created at the geodatabase level.
  2. On the first screen of the New Feature Class wizard, type a Name and an Alias for your new feature class.

    The Name and Alias fields cannot contain spaces or special characters.

  3. Choose a Type from the drop-down menu.
    This indicates the type of object you are creating (e.g., point, line).
  4. Select the geometry type, if necessary.
  5. Leave the checkboxes in the Geometry Properties field empty.
    NOTE: Geometry Properties do not impact ArcFM functionality.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Create a TraceWeight field (e.g., ElectricTraceWeight, GasTraceWeight, WaterTraceWeight).
    This required field contains weights. It must have a data type of Long Integer. You can also create any additional fields. Fields can also be added using the Esri Properties dialog after the feature has been created. The field names cannot contain spaces or special characters.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Verify that the Weight Name is paired with the TraceWeight field created in step 7, and then click Finish.
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