Create Favorite Category

Categories contain your favorites the same way that folders contain files. You can create Favorite Categories on the Features tab or, if you have Designer, on the Compatible Units tab in the ArcFM System Favorites Manager. Favorite Categories cannot be created on the Graphics tab.

  1. From the Table of Contents in ArcCatalog, select a geodatabase.
  2. Click the Favorites button on the ArcFM Solution toolbar, or right-click the database and select ArcFM Favorites from the menu.
    The ArcFM System Favorites Manager appears.
  3. Right-click System Favorites or another Favorite Category on the Features tab or the Compatible Units tab.
  4. Select Create Favorite Category to display the Create Favorite Category window.
  5. Type a category name at the window bar.
  6. Click OK to dynamically update the ArcFM System Favorites Manager display.
    Once you create a category, you can add favorites to it. If you need to a edit a category, see Edit Favorite Category for instructions.
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