Create System Favorites

Use the ArcFM System Favorites Manager to create favorites that are available to all users connected to the geodatabase. A favorite is a feature with a description and user-defined attribute values. System favorites can be created on the Features tab.

If you would like to create template favorites, Design Template Favorites explains how to create them.

  1. From the Table of Contents in ArcCatalog, select a geodatabase.
  2. Click the Favorites icon on the ArcFM Solution toolbar or right-click and select ArcFM Favorites.
    The ArcFM System Favorites Manager appears.
  3. Right-click a category and select Create Favorite.
  4. Select a target feature class from the Select a Target dialog box.

  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Create Favorite window, enter a description.

    This description is listed in ArcMap on the Features tab. The icon for creating a feature favorite is .

  7. Edit the attribute fields as necessary.
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