Domains and Classes

The sample geodatabase provided with ArcFM includes feature classes that are configured to be used with ArcFM tools. However, you may find the need to add classes, domains, and fields. Remember to run the ArcFM Solution Object Converter to enable ArcFM autoupdaters for new classes. For more information, see ArcFM Solution Object Converter and Run the ArcFM Solution Object Converter.

You can assign model names and autoupdaters to a variety of features to achieve your configuration goals. Once you have added the necessary fields and required model name domains to the geodatabase, you can use the ArcFM Properties Manager to configure ArcFM tools for use in ArcMap.

IMPORTANT: The following instructional content pertains to adding one or two new classes or domains to your existing schema. It is not intended to be used for creating a new geodatabase schema. If you are creating all new classes and domains, please refer to the Esri online help.
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