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You can edit macros created on the Compatible Units tab in the ArcFM System Favorites Manager tool. This tab is available only to users with Designer installed and a valid Designer license activated.

NOTE: When creating a new macro favorite, you can only edit the Work Function and any Extended Data associated with the Compatible Unit. You can edit fields on the GIS Unit.
  1. Select the geodatabase in the ArcCatalog Table of Contents.
  2. Click Favorites icon on the ArcFM Solution toolbar, or right-click and select ArcFM Favorites from menu.
    The ArcFM System Favorites Manager appears.
  3. Select the Compatible Units tab.
    NOTE: The Compatible Units tab is available only if you have Designer installed and a valid Designer license activated.
  4. Right-click a Macro and select Edit Macro.
  5. Select a CU in the macro and edit its attributes and properties (e.g., Description, Snap Like Feature) as needed.
  6. Click OK to save and close the dialog.
  7. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog.
  8. Click Apply to save edits and retain the dialog.
  9. Click Create Copy to save a copy of the macro and retain the original as well.
    If you do not change the marcro’s description, you will have two macros with the same name.
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