Orphaned Versions Clean Up Tool

IMPORTANT: This tool cannot be used on an Access database.

Sessions and designs are similar in that they have GIS components in addition to their records in the Process Framework database. Both sessions and designs (and in some cases, work requests) have corresponding versions. Sessions and designs can also have a corresponding stored display. A session or design only has an associated stored display when Process Framework has been configured to save the stored display with the design or session. We recommend not saving a stored display with session or WFM; designs and sessions can get quite large. When a session or design is deleted, any associated versions and stored displays need to be deleted as well.

When you delete a node such as a session, design, or work request from Session Manager or Workflow Manager, the deletion must be accurately reflected in ArcMap. The GIS components are deleted in the Process Framework extension, and the corresponding version in ArcMap is flagged for deletion. This flag marks the version as "orphaned" in the geodatabase.

This tool also removes any temporary post versions (appended with _MMPOST) that cannot be deleted. This temporary version exists until the design is deleted. If the design isn't deleted, the temporary version remains indefinitely. This tool also cleans up these temporary versions. These versions should be cleaned up regularly if you're using Designer.

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