Process ArcFM Object Types

Process ArcFM Object Types is an ArcCatalog tool that caches object type information for all tables in your current workspace. An ArcFM license and write access to the MM_SYSTEM_PERSIST_INFO table are required to use this tool.
To launch the ArcFM Object Types tool, you need an open connection to a database and a database node must be selected.
  1. Click the Process ArcFM Object Types button.
  2. Click the Create Table button to create the MM_OBJECT_TYPES table. If the table already exists, the button isn’t visible.
  3. Once the table is created, close the window and assign the appropriate privileges to the new table.
  4. Click the Process ArcFM Object Types to launch the dialog again. The Process Data button is present where the Create Table button used to be.
  5. Click Process Data to identify which ArcFM and Designer object types exist for tables in the current workspace and save that info in the MM_OBJECT_TYPES table.
    IMPORTANT: The Process Data command deletes any existing data and recalculates, based on the current state of the workspace.. Only ArcFM or Designer object types are considered in the MM_OBJECT_TYPES table.

    There are two additional buttons present on this dialog.

    • Copy Output copies all the content from the output window to the clipboard.

    • Clear Output clears all the messages from the output window.

The Process ArcFM Object Types tool should be re-run to cache the tables again in any of the following situations:
  • The ArcFM Solution Object Converter is used to change the object type of any tables in the database.

  • A table is added to the database.

  • A table is removed from the database.

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