Restore Default Buttons on the Toolbar

  1. Right-click the gray area of the toolbar and select Customize.
  2. Click the Toolbars tab.
  3. Highlight ArcFM Solution.
  4. Click Reset to restore any default buttons that have been removed.

    The ArcFM tools are enabled depending on whether you select a feature class, dataset, or geodatabase from the Table of Contents in ArcCatalog. The About ArcFM Solution button is always enabled.

    When you select a single feature class in ArcCatalog, the following tools are enabled: ArcFM Snapping Manager, ArcFM Properties Manager, ArcFM Solution Object Converter, and ArcFM XML Export.

    When you select a single dataset, ArcFM Solution Object Converter and ArcFM XML Export are enabled.

    When you select a geodatabase, all tools are enabled except for ArcFM Snapping Manager.

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