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IMPORTANT: Geodatabase Extraction is no longer supported in 10.1.

ArcFM Schema Tools allow you to create templates for the Geodatabase Extraction tool. This tool first requires you to use Esri tools to extract a geodatabase schema. ArcFM Schema Tools can be run ONLY on databases created using Esri's Distributed Geodatabase tools in ArcCatalog. When extracting, be sure to extract an *.mdb file. ArcFM Schema tools do not work with file geodatabases (*.gdb).

This tool is executed in ArcCatalog and requires an empty schema, which can be created using Esri's Distributed Geodatabase tools.

  1. In ArcCatalog, browse to an empty geodatabase schema.

    This schema can be created using Esri's Distributed Geodatabase tools in ArcCatalog. For Mobile users, this refers to the empty backdrop schema database created in the previous set of steps.

    NOTE: Once the empty schema (e.g., backdrop database in previous steps) has been extracted, right-click it in ArcCatalog and select Distributed Geodatabase > Manage Replicas. In the Manage Replicas screen, right-click the extracted schema and select Unregister. This step is necessary for the ArcFM Schema Tools to execute successfully.
  2. Right-click the empty geodatabase schema and select ArcFM Schema Tools. Select Create ArcFM Geodatabase Extraction Template, which creates a template for use with the Geodatabase Extraction tool.
  3. When prompted for a Source, select the SDE instance from which the empty schema was generated using Distributed Geodatabase tools (step 1 in Esri's Distributed Geodatabase Tools section) and click Add. You may be prompted to login to the source database.

    The ArcFM Schema Tools creates the template(s) as requested.

    NOTE: When you create a schema using the Schema Tools in ArcCatalog, the ServerOID column is added to each object class.
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