Set Custom Field Editors

Custom field editors extend the functionality of the ArcFM Attribute Editor. You can create your own custom field editors or use the sample editors provided (see table below). They are assigned using the ArcFM Properties Manager.

  1. Right-click a feature in the Catalog Tree and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  2. Select the Field Info tab.
  3. Make a selection in the Custom Field Editor field, and then click OK.

    You can build custom field editors when you want users to edit a field with a special control that is specific to your organization's business process. See the ArcFM Solution Developer Help for more information about building custom field editors.

    ArcFM Solution includes some examples.

    Custom Field Editor

    Used by Fields

    ArcFM Available Work Functions

    Prevents Designer users from assigning a work function to the CU on the Design tab that conflicts with the value chosen on the CUs tab.

    WorkFunction (Designer)

    ArcFM Date Picker

    Additional options for selecting day, month, and year

    Installation Date

    ArcFM Duct Size Editor

    Restricts the duct size the user can choose to place within the master duct.

    Duct Size (Conduit Manager)

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