Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database

The Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tool updates your geodatabase with modifications required by the latest release. The tool’s button remains enabled on the ArcFM Solution toolbar in ArcCatalog. You will only receive updates for the the ArcFM applications that you have installed. If you do not have a particular application installed (e.g., Designer), you will not receive any modifications for it. You must be signed in as the data owner of the business tables to upgrade the database. This tool also requires that there be a single owner for all GIS tables in the geodatabase. The updates performed are described on the "What's New" pages corresponding to each release.

Database version numbering

As of 10.0.3, database version numbers are no longer based on build numbers. The database version number is now based on the release number instead. When you upgrade your database, its version number is the ArcFM Solution release number.

NOTE: If you attempt to modify your database, or run the ArcFM Data Source Wizard, via ArcCatalog prior to upgrading your database, you may receive a message similar to the following:

Do not be alarmed by this message. The database version "1" corresponds with database version "10.0.3" or later.

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