Add Tools to Toolbar

The Customize menu allows you to add tools (or commands) to a toolbar that is already displayed in the user interface. To access the Customize menu, right-click the area around the toolbars and select Customize. The Toolbars menu allows you to display toolbars in the user interface. Select the checkbox to display a toolbar or unselect it to remove that toolbar from the user interface. You can also select a toolbar and click the Reset button to put the toolbar back in its default state. The Reset button will remove any tools that are not displayed by default on the selected toolbar or restore any tools that have been removed.

To add a tool to an existing toolbar:

  1. Select the Commands tab.
  2. Select the category that contains the tool you want to add.
  3. Select the command in the Commands list and drag/drop it onto a toolbar.
  4. To remove a tool from a toolbar, open the Customize menu, then drag the tool off of the toolbar.

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