ArcFM Attribute Query Locator

The ArcFM Attribute Query Locator allows the user to query specific attribute field(s) to find features.

  1. Select the ArcFM Attribute Query Locator from the Select Locator field on the ArcFM Solution Locator Tool.

  2. Select a feature class in the Search field.
  3. Select the Show All Tables checkbox to display all feature and object classes in the Search field pulldown menu.
  4. Select the Ignore Subtypes checkbox to hide the Subtype field for a feature class along with any subtype-dependent fields.
  5. In the attribute grid, select the attribute for which you want to search and enter a search value in its field. You may enter values in multiple fields to narrow the search.
  6. Click Find to execute the search.
  7. Search results are displayed in the window below the search fields. If you want to modify how the search results are returned, click the Options button.
  8. Click Clear to clear the primary display field value. This will not clear the found set.
    IMPORTANT: This search tool does not use wild card values.
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