ArcFM Viewer Options

There are several options listed in the ArcFM Viewer Options in the Tools menu.

  • The General tab allows you to determine the Zoom To buffer size, the size of the flash for the Highlight tool, and other options.

  • The Attribute Viewer tab allows you to show a status bar that indicates the number of items selected. When enabled, the status bar may be found at the bottom of the Attribute Viewer. This tab also allows you to determine the order in which features appear on the Selection tab. You may choose from drawing order or alphabetical order.

  • The Tracing tab allows you to display a buffer with trace results.

  • The Extensions tab allows you to enable an ArcGIS Network Analyst extension license for use with the Direction Search tool. This option must be selected to use the Direction Search tool in a geodatabase. If you're using StreetMap data, this option must be unchecked.

  • The Ink tab allows you to set various options for the Ink and Gesture tools.

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