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There are two methods for editing features in Inspector. A user may NOT edit the Shape field of an existing feature.

Inspector Tool

While performing inspections using the Inspection tool, you can select a feature and edit its non-spatial attributes. When you have selected a feature to be inspected, the ArcFM Inspector window is displayed.

  1. Click the link at the top to display the attributes for the currently selected feature (SupportStructure:SUPPT916 in the image above).

  2. The feature's attributes are displayed on the Selection tab, and you may edit values for any non-spatial attributes (i.e., NOT the Shape field).

  3. Click Update on the Selection tab to save any changes.

Select Features

The Select Features  tool allows you to select a feature on the map and edit its non-spatial attributes. Only non-spatial attributes may be modified for features and related objects.

  1. Open an Edit session. This tool works within and without an edit session.
  2. Ensure the proper layers are selectable.
  3. Click the Select Features  tool and click a feature (or multiple features) on the map.
  4. The features are placed on the Selection tab. Select a feature and edit its non-spatial attributes on the Selection tab.
  5. Click Update to save changes to the feature attributes.
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