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The Main Menu provides access to the tools listed below. Some of the tools - such as Zoom Data - are also available on toolbars.





Open MXD

Click File > Open MXD to view an existing .mxd file.

Add New Tab

Click File > Add New Tab to add another Data View tab. You may select a different stored display for each Data View tab.


Click File > Print to print the selected map display.


Dockable Tabs

Use the View menu to display tabs: Locator Tool, Table of Contents, Selectable Layers, Selection, Locator Results.

Zoom Data

The Zoom Data flyout menu gives the user access to some of the Map Tools for navigating the map. Click View > Zoom Data and choose a tool from the flyout menu.


ArcFM Viewer allows you to view existing bookmarks. Click View > Bookmarks and choose one from the list. ArcFM Viewer does not allow creation of bookmarks. They must be created using ArcMap and saved with a stored display.


Zoom to Selected Features

Click this tool to zoom to the set of features that are currently selected.

Clear Selected Features

This tool removes all features from the Selection tab. It does NOT remove features from the map.

Select by Feeder

This tool allows you to identify and highlight a feeder or set of feeders on a map.

Stored Displays

Stored Displays

Select a stored display from the list provided. System stored displays are shown first, followed by User stored displays. Stored display environments allow you to change a large number of parameters in one step, so that you can switch between different views for different purposes.



Set display options such as zoom buffer and highlight color.


Window Toggle

If you have multiple stored displays open on multiple tabs, the Window menu allows you to toggle between multiple maps or stored displays.



Access the ArcFM Viewer online documentation in this menu.

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