Mobile ArcFM

This implementation provides the field user with almost all of the same functionality as the enterprise user. While in the field, the Mobile ArcFM editor can create and manage both edit and redline sessions.

The only ArcFM functionality NOT available to the field user is Phase Swap. This tool is not currently supported in a Mobile environment.

Configuration (refer to Mobile Configuration Guide): Mobile ArcFM

Required ArcFM Licenses in the Field: ArcFM

Required Esri Licenses in the Field: ArcGIS for Desktop Standard

Field Databases: Backdrop, Login (optional), Process Framework (e.g., Session Manager)

The following work flow is an example. Your work flow may vary.

  • Create and Open Session: With Session Manager opened, the field user can create a session and open it as an edit session or as a redline session.

  • Navigate/Query Map: While using ArcFM in the field, all ArcFM tools are available with the exception of the Phase Swap tool. It is critical to remember that backdrop data cannot be edited in the field.

  • Place and Edit Features: The field editor can use the Features tab to place features and edit them.

  • Place Graphics: Place graphics on the map using the Graphics tab. You may use the Active Annotation Target list to select the annotation layer in which graphics are stored (must be properly configured). Save and close session when finished.

  • Send Session: There are three options for sending your session to the Enterprise. The first option is the easiest and most commonly used.

    1. Use the Send Session task or button to select a user and send the session to the enterprise.

    2. Use the Submit Mobile Session task to assign the session to an approval officer.

    3. Use the Send Session to Enterprise task to send the session to an enterprise user.

  • Send/Receive Mobile Data (optional): If your administrator has configured Geodatabase Replication to automatically send and receive sessions, this step is not necessary. Otherwise, execute the the Send/Receive Mobile Data task to send data to the enterprise (and retrieve any data sent from the enterprise). This final task requires a network connection.

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