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You may open a session that has already been created. When you have a session open, the Open Session Manager button will be disabled. To open a session, you must access Session Manager through ArcMap.

  1. Click the Open Session Manager button on the Session Manager toolbar in ArcMap. If you have an edit session started, this button will be disabled.
  2. In the Session Manager window, you may select from three default filters: All Sessions, My Sessions, or User/Status Sessions. (Fewer or more may be available, based on your permissions.) All Sessions contains all sessions currently in the geodatabase. My Sessions contains only those sessions assigned to the current user. User/Status Sessions require you to enter user and status as query criteria. Filters are available based on the user role assigned by the administrator.
  3. There are a few ways to open an edit session. If you are not the current owner of the session, it will be opened as view-only.
    • Select a session and click the Open Edit Session button.
    • Double-click the selected session to open it in ArcMap.
    • Select Open Edit Session from the Task Tool menu.
  4. Session Manager will open the selected session in ArcMap and ensure an edit session has been started. If the session has been previously edited, the contents of the Targets tab are persisted from the last edit session.
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