Open Workflow Manager

Available in: ArcFM (Workflow Manager toolbar), ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine (Workflow Manager toolbar)

Enable: No design currently open

Workflow Manager may be opened from ArcMap by clicking the Open Workflow Manager button on the Designer Workflow Manager toolbar. It may also be accessed as a standalone application in the Bin folder of the ArcFM directory. For example, D:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin\ProcessManager.exe. If you open Workflow Manager as a standalone application, the Open Design button will not be visible, and you will not have access to edit Designs in ArcMap.

  1. You must have a map or stored display open before opening a new design.
  2. Open Workflow Manager by clicking the Open Designer Workflow Manager button on the Designer Workflow Manager toolbar in ArcMap or access it as a standalone application.
  3. Enter your login information in the Login screen and click Login. If you are logging into an Oracle or SQL database, a user name and password are required. If you are connecting to an Access database, only a user name is required. If you are logging into a secure Access database, enter the correct user name and password for the database on the Process Framework login screen.
    IMPORTANT: If you are using a secure Access database, the *.mdw file must have the same name as the Process Framework database and must be stored in the same directory.

    If this is your first time logging in or your database connections have changed, click here for specific information about the Database Connection Properties.

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