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An Approval Officer may post a session in ArcFM. This tool is not available in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. You must access Session Manager through ArcMap and be logged in to SDE to post a session. In ArcMap, clicking the Post Session button accomplishes the following:

  • Close session

  • Post version

  • Delete version

  • Delete session

To post a session in ArcFM:

  1. Open the session to be posted.
  2. Ensure you have reconciled the session first. The Post Session button will be disabled until the session has been reconciled. If you are using an Access database, the Post button will remain enabled and the session does not have to be reconciled.
  3. Click the Post Session button on the Session Manager toolbar.

    When the Approval Officer clicks the Post Session button, the version associated with the session will be posted to the parent version.

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