The Redliner Extension allows for graphic markup (redlining) within ArcFM Viewer and the ArcFM Mobile Solution. Redliner may be used as an extension with ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine or the ArcFM Viewer that works with ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (formerly ArcView).

Utilizing Mobile, A session may be redlined in the field using ArcFM Viewer then sent to a GIS editor for feature placement using ArcFM . The purpose of the Redliner Extension is to offer an economical ArcFM Viewer solution in cases where feature editing is not necessary. This redlining solution can be employed by both field and enterprise-based desktop users in cases where full geodatabase editing is not feasible or allowed.

TIP: If you have a license that allows editing (e.g., ArcFM), then you can edit features using Redliner.

Digital Ink: ArcFM Redliner Extension supports graphics created with Digital Ink. More information about the Ink tools provided with ArcFM Viewer is available in the ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine and ArcFM Viewer online documentation (Digital Ink and Gestures sections).

The Redliner Extension is frequently used as part of the Mobile Solution. Refer to the Mobile documentation for more information.

Use Session Manager to create a session for redlining or Workflow Manager to create a design for redlining.

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