Sample Process Flow

This is an example of the Workflow Manager process flows in action.

An account representative (this is a user with the role Account Representative) receives a call from a customer and creates a work request (WR) in Workflow Manager. In the WR, he fills in information about the WR such as address, WR type, start and end dates, and description. The account representative can "assign" the WR to a designer by populating the Designer field on the form. The field will provide a list of designers (users with the Designer role) from which the account representative can select. When this is done, the WR will then become visible to the designer in his "My Work" filter. The account representative selects Joe Designer to create the design and the WR is assigned to Joe. The account representative also forwards to Joe any other information about the WR requirements that may not be included in Workflow Manager.

Joe sees the WR in his My Work folder in Workflow Manager. He may also receive a file of information from the account representative with information about the WR. He creates a new design and opens it in ArcMap. Using the information provided in the WR, Joe adds CUs to the design and places them on the map. When Joe has finished the design, he clicks the Submit Design button and chooses an approval officer - Mary A. Officer.

The next time Mary logs into Workflow Manager, she sees the WR with Joe's design in her My Work folder. Mary reviews Joe's design and finds it satisfactory. She clicks the Approve button and recommends Joe for a promotion. Now the design has a state of Approved. Field crews are dispatched to the work location and construction begins.

Once construction is complete, the field crew provides Mary with an as-built sketch. Mary doesn't have time to enter the changes, so she uses the Change Owner button to assign the design to Joe.

Joe receives the as-built sketch. First, he clicks the Begin Construction button. This changes the design's state to As-Built Editing, and the WR's to In Construction. After he's finished entering the as-built changes, Joe changes ownership back to Mary using the Change Owner button. Mary finds the design and WR back in her My Work folder. She reviews Joe's work and finds it impeccable. So Mary reconciles the design, then logs in as an SDE user and posts the design to the geodatabase. The design's status is Complete and the WRs is Verified. Mary, the account manager, and (most importantly) the customer are all thrilled with the work and the efficient process. Joe is promoted to master designer.

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