Send Session to Field

Available in: ArcFM (Process Tasks toolbar), ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine (Available Tasks), Session Manager (Available Tasks)


  • Select session in Session Manager enterprise database

  • Open session (from Session Manager enterprise database) in ArcFM or ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine (edit or redline session)

Most commonly, the enterprise user accesses the database using ArcFM. The enterprise editor may create a session which may be sent to a field editor for editing. To send a session to the field - or mobilize it - the enterprise editor must use the Send Session to Field task in the Available Tasks field. The Send/Receive Mobile Data task must also be run to make the edit packets available for the field editor to retrieve for use in the field.

  1. First, you must be connected to an enterprise Session Manager database (SessionManager.mdb is the sample database provided with the ArcFM install).
  2. Select a session in Session Manager or open a session in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine or ArcFM.
  3. Select the Send Session to Field task in the Available tasks list and click the green Execute button.

  4. On the Select New Owner screen, select a recipient for the session and click OK. The session is assigned to this field editor and removed from the enterprise user's My Work folder. The enterprise user may view the session using the All Work filter, but the session appears locked. The enterprise user must have proper permissions to view the All Work filter.

  5. Next, the enterprise user must execute the Send/Receive Mobile Data task to make the sessions available to the field editor.
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