Tablet Toolbar

The Tablet toolbar provides the ArcFM Gestures tool as well as Digital Ink tools that allow you to draw graphics on the map display. The Gesture tool remains disabled unless you are using a tablet PC.

IMPORTANT: A valid license for the Redliner Extension is required if you want to save graphics drawn with the Ink tool.



Gesture Tool

This tool allows you to use hand-written gestures on a tablet PC to execute specific tools. This tool is enabled only if you're using a tablet PC.

Ink Tool

This tool allows you to draw graphics on the map display using either a stylus on a tablet PC or a mouse on a laptop or desktop machine.

Clear Sketch

Clears any sketches made with the Ink tool as long as they have not been finished (using the Finish Sketch tool).

Finish Sketch

Finishes a sketch made with the Ink tool. Once a sketch has been finished, it may not be cleared using the Clear Sketch tool. To remove a finished sketch, select the graphic using the Select Elements tool and press Delete on the keyboard.

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