Dockable Tabs

There are several tabs available in ArcFM Viewer. You may display these tabs by selecting them from the View menu.

Tabs may be be undocked and left floating in the user interface. Click the blue title bar and drag the window to dock or undock it. The text of the selected tab is displayed in regular style (no bold or italics). In the examples below, the Selection tab is the active tab. The names of tabs that are NOT selected are displayed in italics.

  • Undocked

  • Docked

When a tab is docked, a pull-down menu on the title bar allows you to select how the tab is displayed: Hide, Floating, Auto Hide.

Pull-down menu for options

  • Hide: Closes the window. Select it from the View menu to re-open.

  • Floating: Undocks the window. This may also be done by clicking on the titlebar and dragging the window away from the edge of the application. Click the titlebar, then hold down the Ctrl key to keep the window from docking.

  • Auto Hide: Keeps the window docked and hides it when not in use. Select the tab at the edge of the application to display the window.

Some tabs, such as the Selection and Locator tabs, have a bar that allows you to expand or contract the window. The arrows on the bar indicate the direction it moves. When it's in the middle of the tab and the arrows point down, it moves down and hides the contents below. When it's at the bottom of the tab and the arrows point up, it moves up and reveals hidden contents.

Attributes Currently Visible, Click to Hide

Attributes Currently Hidden, Click to Make Visible

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