Water Trace Options

Use the Water Tracing Options to determine how results are displayed and which features the trace recognizes as barriers.

  • Results Format: Select the format in which you'd like the results to be displayed. This option may also be set using the Results as Selection toggle button on the ArcFM Water Traces toolbar. You may change this option after the trace has been executed. If you switch from Drawings to Selection, the current trace results are converted to a selected set when you click OK. If you switch from Selection to Drawings, the current trace results are NOT converted to graphics.

  • Results Content: Use the Results content field to indicate the features that should be included in the trace. The ArcFM Water Valve Isolation trace ignores this setting.

Select a barrier for the type of trace you wish to perform:

  • Pressure System: The Regulators option causes the Pressure System trace to halt at all regulators. The Regulators and other devices option behaves according to any customizations your company may have implemented.

  • Valve Isolation: Select All valves or Critical Valves. Critical valves are indicated by the Operating Classification field (Critical/Inspection Required and Critical/Inspection Not Required).

  • Use Pressures: This option determines how the Valve Isolation trace identifies the valves that need to be operated in order to isolate a portion of the system. When this checkbox is selected, Valve Isolation uses pressure to locate the source (e.g., regulator station), then traces back to identify the valves that cut the selected portion of the network off from its source. When this checkbox is NOT selected (default setting), Valve Isolation identifies the valves closest to the area to be isolated.

  • Water System Trace Barriers: Select Water sources or Other devices to indicate where to stop the trace. The Other devices option behaves according to any customizations your company may have implemented.

  • The Temporary Marks field allows you to determine how the Clear All button works on the Water Traces toolbar. This button may be used to clear temporary marks placed using tools on the Water Valve Isolation toolbar. Select the "Clear temporary marks" checkbox to include temporary marks with Clear All. Designate which temporary marks using the checkboxes for the individual types.

  • Select the "Run trace after placing temporary mark" checkbox to execute the trace immediately after the temporary mark is placed. If this box is left unchecked, you have to select the trace tool and click the starting point on the map to initiate the trace.

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