Perform Water Trace

Before performing your trace, you need to decide how you want to view your results as well as choose trace barriers using the Options button on the Water Traces toolbar.

  1. If you're performing a Valve Isolation trace, you may use the Water Isolation Traces toolbar to place any temporary marks such as sources and barriers. These temporary marks are recognized only by the Valve Isolation trace.
  2. On the Water Traces toolbar or the Water Isolation toolbar, select the trace you want to perform. Traces are described on the Water Trace Tasks page.
  3. Click the pipe at the location where the trace should begin. This places an edge flag and initiates the trace. Results are returned as a selected set or highlighted on the map, depending on the option set.
  4. You may clear the flags and results using the Clear button on the Water Traces toolbar. This does NOT clear a selected set. This tool may also clear temporary marks, depending on the options setting.
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