ArcFM Engine Overview

This section discusses the configuration for the ArcFM Engine applications. Some products listed below require additional licensing. Contact Schneider Electric for licensing information.  

ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine

ArcFM Engine provides view, edit and query tools for your geodatabase. Because ArcFM Engine is a more lightweight platform, it is better-suited for field users than the ArcFM Desktop applications. ArcFM Engine provides Mobile applications meant to be used in the field as well as a Viewer application that can be used to navigate your data.

Geodatabase Replication

Geodatabase Replication allows you to quickly synchronize a client geodatabase -- either personal (.mdb) or file (.gdb) -- with the most recent version of an SDE geodatabase. One application of this functionality is for Mobile Solution users. Geodatabase Replication may be used by a field user to connect to the enterprise and update his field geodatabase with the most recent edits to a specified version (generally SDE.Default) in the SDE geodatabase.

Mobile - Engine

The ArcFM Mobile Solution allows utilities to leverage ArcFM Solution functionality in the field. Using the instructions in this section, the ArcFM Mobile Solution may be configured in a wide variety of ways in order to provide your mobile users with the tools they need in the field. Each implementation provides a varying degree of functionality to the field users and has specific licensing requirements.


The Inspector extension is available only in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. It allows the user to edit non-spatial attributes, and create, update and delete related objects in the field. This implementation also includes the ability to place redline graphics (either as simple graphics or as annotation). The Inspector tool makes it easy for mobile users to perform inspections (e.g., pole inspections) and manage related objects.

Process Framework

If you choose to use Process Framework on an Oracle or SQL database, you must first set up the database. The ArcFM and Designer installs include scripts to help you easily set up your database for use with Session Manager or Workflow Manager. This section outlines the steps necessary to set up your Process Framework database.

Note that the Process Framework Administration Tool is not installed with ArcFM Engine applications. If your upgrade requires this tool it must be done on a machine that has ArcFM Desktop installed in order to access the Process Framework Administration Tool.

ArcFM Engine Administrator

This stand-alone application allows a system administrator to configure various aspects of ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. The ArcFM Engine Administrator provides login information for ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. It also provides an administrator with the ability to determine which layout elements are available to users (e.g., commands, dockable windows and extensions).

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