Replica Web Service Settings

  • Web Service URL: This field determines the URL for the Geodatabase Replication Web Service. Point this URL to the server on which the Web Service is installed. This setting will be the same on the server and on the client.

    • Web Service Timeout: The value in this field determines after what amount of time the web service times out. The default value is 5 minutes.

  1. When you've finished configuration, select File | Save Configuration File. You may also click the red X button in the top right corner. In this case you will be prompted to save changes.

    An asterisk (*) next to "ArcFM Geodatabase Replication Administrator" in the titlebar indicates that modifications have been made since the last save.

    If the Replication Server resides on the same machine, configure it using the same ReplicationConsole.exe.config file.

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