This portion of the ArcFM Engine Administrator allows you to determine the licenses used to run an ArcFM Engine application. Select Licenses to view all licenses. Esri Licenses displays only licenses for Esri products, and Schneider Electric Licenses displays only licenses for M&M products.

When Licenses is selected in the tree at the left, all Esri and Schneider Electric licenses are displayed. This list includes ALL licenses, regardless of whether you have access to them or not. This list may contain licenses that have not been purchased. The licenses are listed in the order in which ArcFM Engine looks for them in order to run an application. If a license is unselected (i.e., its checkbox is left unchecked), then ArcFM Engine will not look for that particular license.

Auto-Check: This button detects all available Esri and Schneider Electric licenses and selects the corresponding checkboxes. If the Engine Administrator selects an ArcFM or Designer license, it will NOT select available extension licenses because they are not necessary when you have an ArcFM or Designer license. If you do not have access to a particular license, Auto-Check will not select that checkbox. Contact Schneider Electric to license additional products.

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