Create the Login Datatabase

  1. In ArcCatalog, browse to the directory in which the login database will reside. If you're using Geodatabase Replication to maintain the login database in the field, the database should reside in a sub-directory in the Base Path on the Replication Server. Because Geodatabase Replication uses a Directory replica to maintain the login, it will likely be the only database in the directory.
  2. Right-click the file folder, select new, then File Geodatabase.
  3. Name the database to indicate it is a Login database (for example, LoginDB).
  4. Select the Login database in ArcCatalog and run the Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables tool.
  5. Select the Login database in ArcCatalog and run the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tool. 
  6. Select the Login database in ArcCatalog and run the ArcFM Solution Object Converter tool, set to convert to ArcFM.
  7. Delete MM_SYSTEM_STORED_DISPLAYS and MM_SYSTEM_PACKAGES from the sample login database.
  8. In ArcCatalog, copy MM_SYSTEM_STORED_DISPLAYS and MM_SYSTEM_PACKAGES from your Enterprise database and paste them into the sample login database.
  9. Select the Login database and click the Data Source Wizard button on the ArcFM Solution toolbar in ArcCatalog. In the next few steps you will use this tool to connect the stored display layers in the login database to the backdrop geodatabase. 
  10. Read the information provided on the first screen and click Next.
  11. Select the stored display(s) and/or document(s) you'd like the mobile user to access in the field. All unnecessary stored displays and documents will be removed later. Click Next.
  12. You will need to set all data sources, so accept the default setting on the next screen. Click Next.
  13. Browse to the Backdrop geodatabase when selecting the destination data source. This connects the layers in the selected stored displays/documents to the backdrop. Click Next.
  14. Review the Summary and click Next to connect the stored display/document layers to the Backdrop geodatabase.
  15. Next, open the Login database in ArcMap and delete any stored displays and/or documents that the user will not require in the field. This will likely include any stored displays you chose not to connect to the Backdrop using the Data Source Wizard.
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