If a Subtask Fails and Results in an Error

When you run a task, Process Framework will attempt to execute each subtask in order. If any subtask fails, the task stops executing and attempts to rollback each subtask and state transition. Each subtask is responsible for its own rollback, and if a rollback fails, the task will exit with an error. The error should appear in the log file.

IMPORTANT: When importing a design from the field, if the matching Work Request is not in the mobile state, the design.xml packet is placed in the Non/Mobile folder. If there are any files in the Non/Mobile folder, the subtask will exit with an error.When exporting a design to the field, if the packet ID already exists in the Transport directory, it will move both IDs to the Duplicates directory (on the field side) or the Non/Mobile directory (on the enterprise side). You will see an error in the log file.To resolve this issue, ensure the design.xml packet does not already exist in the Duplicates directory or the Non/Mobile directory.

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