Bitgate Fields

A bitgate field is a 32-bit integer field with the model name GasTraceWeight or MMElectricTraceWeight. Every feature class in an ArcFM gas or electric network must have a bitgate field (you may use any field name). Each bit has a value of 1 or 0, indicating that it is set or not. ArcFM software reads the combination of the bit settings to determine the behavior of the tracing system.


Binary large object. The data type of a column in an RDBMS table which can store image or textual data as attributes.


In ArcMap, a bookmark identifies a particular geographic location that you want to save and refer to later-for example, a study area.


A zone of a specified distance around coverage features. Both constant- and variable-width buffers can be generated for a set of coverage features based on each feature's attribute values. The resulting buffer zones form polygon-areas that are either inside or outside the specified buffer distance from each feature. Buffers are useful for proximity analysis (e.g., find all stream segments within 300 feet of a proposed logging area).

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