A line that connects two junctions.


To modify or correct errors within a computer file, a geographic data set, or a tabular file containing attribute data.

Edit Tasks

Edit tasks execute when placing a feature in ArcMap. Use an edit task any time you want the user to interact with the map while adding a feature. An example is manually setting the rotation of a point feature's symbology. A list of Edit Tasks can be found in Appendix B of Configuring ArcFM with ArcCatalog.


A role in Session Manager. A user with this role has the ability to create, edit, and submit sessions.

Enabled Field

The Enabled field is an Esri network analysis concept. You can prevent features from participating in trace results by changing the value of the Enabled field to False. This field is automatically created when the geometric network is created.

While ArcFM electric, gas, and water traces have been developed to respect the Enabled field, Schneider Electric strongly recommends that you use the FDRMANAGERNONTRACEABLE class and field model names instead.

For more information about FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE, view these help topics:

  • Appendix > Bitgate Fields > Electric Tracing - Edges.

  • Appendix > Bitgate Fields > Electric Tracing - Junctions.


A vertex at the completion of a linear feature.

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