Electric Line Segment

ElectricLineSegment is an abstract class that captures information about the configuration and connectivity of conductors. ElectricLineSegment objects are categorized by voltage and are either overhead or underground conductors.

ElectricLineSegment represents circuits often referred to as feeders. Primary conductors originate at a main distribution center and supply one or more substations. Secondary networks are supplied by five or more primary feeders to keep the transformer loading at 125 percent in the event of an outage. Capacitors reduce voltage drop along the feeder.

Feeder management systems are created to determine which circuit a given electrical device belongs to (i.e., which source or, in looped system, sources feed it with power), and which of its electrical phases are energized on the primary side. This information can be used to create circuit maps and visually distinguish among different feeder systems. The subtypes of these ElectricLineSegment objects are primary, secondary, single-phase, and three-phase.

ElectricLineSegment inherits attributes from the ElectricComplexEdge abstract class.

Associations: ElectricLine

Subtypes: None

Model Names: None


Field Name

Field Type



long integer

Object ID of associated ElectricLine.


long integer

Used by Feeder Manager to determine device status and other information that affects circuit connectivity. Feeder Manager requires that the MMELECTRICTRACEWEIGHT model name be assigned to this field.



Feeder Manager identifier assigned to feeders and devices that participate in a specific distribution circuit. Feeder Manager uses the FEEDERID model name in this field.



Feeder Manager identifier assigned if device is supplied by second feeder. Feeder Manager uses the FEEDERID2 model name on this field.


long integer

Feeder Manager-assigned phase information describing the phase of the circuit. Feeder Manager uses the FEEDERINFO model name on this field.



Provides text for line annotation. The ArcFM Update Primary Conductor Text special and relationship autoupdaters both use the LABELTEXT model name on this field.



Material of neutral wire; domain values include All, Aluminum Conductor, Copper, etc.



Size of neutral wire; domain values include 1/0 AWG, 1000 Concentric Neutral, etc.


long integer

Code indicating system voltage; domain values include 7.2 kV Grounded Y, 24.9 kV Grounded Y, 2400 Delta, etc. The ArcFM Inherit Nominal Voltage autoupdater uses the NOMINALVOLTAGE model name on this field.


long integer

Code indicating standard level at which system is currently being operated that may vary above or below nominal voltage; domain values include 120 volts, 480 volts, etc. Feeder Manager and Electric Tracing use the OPERATINGVOLTAGE model name on this field. Structural Analysis uses the OPERATINGVOLTAGE model name on this field for overhead conductors.


long integer

Code indicating phases present; domain values include A, AB, AC, etc. A significant number of ArcFM tools require that this field have the PHASEDESIGNATION model name assigned. Because a large amount of functionality relies on this model name it should always be assigned. Below are a few examples of the tools that require the PHASEDESIGNATION field model name.

  • Conduit Manager - Requires this model name if you wish to place different phases of a single conductor in different ducts.

  • Structural Analysis - Requires this model name on overhead conductor features.

  • Feeder Manager/Electric Tracing - Requires this model name if you wish to trace with respect to conductor phasing.

  • QA Validation Rules - The Phase of Bank Unit and Phase on Transformer Bank validation rules require this model name.

  • Phase Swap - Requires this model name in order to identify the field that holds the phasing information.

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