Slack loops are an essential part of any fiber optic system. These GIS point features represent coils or extra cable at a specific location. These coils are very useful for repairing a cable when it has been damaged or for connecting new fiber optic cables to the network.


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This is the length of the coils within a slack loop. This can be determined from the difference in the cable marking (footstamp) values on either end of the slack loop. These lengths are frequently captured in CAD drawings and other source documents for the fiber optic network. This length is used by the ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Length autoupdater to populate the CableLength field in the FiberOpticCable feature with an estimated cable length.




This field stores the type of measurement system (commonly either English or Metric) used to determine the length of cable in the slack loop. This field is used in conjunction with the Length field by an autoupdater to determine if the Length needs to be converted to another measurement system. The Fiber Unit of Measure domain is assigned to this field.




This describes the way in which the slack is stored. A common way to store slack is by looping in horizontally between two poles. As it makes each bend, the radius and shape of the bend are controlled by a snowshoe device. Another common storage device is a rack (sometimes called a ‘bicycle rack’) that has four prongs that the cable is looped around in a circular fashion. These racks are commonly bolted to a pole and can have a splice enclosure located in the middle of the rack. The Fiber Slack Loop Storage Type domain is assigned to this field.




This is the manufacturer of the slack loop storage device. This field is of minimal use and most organizations will want to remove this field from their model. It is not a required field, so it can be deleted if not needed. The Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer domain is assigned to this field.




This field contains a unique number (GUID) that is generated and maintained by ArcGIS. This value is used for all relationships in the ArcFM data model and is required for Fiber Manager to function properly.

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