This object is placed in the model to show that fiber optic features should be related to structure (poles, towers, vaults, manholes, handholes, pedestals, etc.). If a GIS system already has structure features captured (such as an electric distribution system), then this object as well as its related domains and relationships can be deleted from the model. Relationships to the existing structure features should be established once the data model is imported into the geodatabase.


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This is the unique identifier for a structure feature. Each company has unique ways of generating codes to identify their structures. The name LocationID should be modified to reflect an organization’s naming convention for this unique identifier. This is not a required field.




This is a description of the type of feature. This field will be used to drive the symbology of the structure. If the FiberStructure object is kept in the model, then this field will be very useful. This is not a required field. The Fiber Structure Type domain is assigned to this field.




This stores the name of the manufacturer of the structure. This information could be useful if an operations group needs to track down a manufacturing or warranty issue with a type of structure. If this is not useful information to store within the GIS, this field can be removed. The Fiber Structure Manufacturer domain is assigned to this field.




This is the name of the company from which the structure was purchased. This could be used for issue tracking purposes. Remove this field if it does not provide any significant benefit. The Fiber Supply Vendor domain is assigned to this field.

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