Sectionalizer Control

Sectionalizer controls store a pulse counter when the minimum actuating current drops to zero because a fault is interrupted by the recloser (or other protective device). Sectionalizers operate in conjunction with breakers and reclosers to lock out fault current after a predetermined number (usually three) of recloser operations (trips). In general, the number of counts to open can be one, two, or three counts. Three-phase sectionalizers have three current transformers sensing phase currents and three CTs connected in parallel to ground to sense the zero-sequence current. A count is registered when a current above the preset minimum actuating level reaches the device and then drops to zero (as when interrupted by the backup protective device). After one, two, or three counts, the mechanism that opens the contacts is actuated. The number of counts to open the sectionalizer should be one less than the number of trips to lockout of the backup device.

Associations: Sectionalizer

Subtypes: None

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Field Type




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long integer

Number of trips required before sectionalizer locks out.


long integer

ObjectID of associated electric device.



Code indicating presence of VoltageRestraint; values are Yes or No.

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