Sectionalizer Electronic Control

Count restraint features prevent sectionalizers from generating a count pulse as long as some current is present. This prevents operation when a load side device interrupts the circuit. If a fault current is interrupted by the downline device, the count restraint feature blocks the generation of a count if at least 5 amps of uninterrupted load current flows through the sectionalizer.

Inrush current is the initial momentary surge current demand before a load resistance of impedance increases to its normal operating value. If the sectionalizer detects overcurrent when the backup device opens, the overcurrent present at reclosing is assumed to be fault current. If no overcurrent is detected when the current is interrupted, the overcurrent at reclosing is assumed to be inrush current. The phase and ground actuating levels are blocked for three seconds after reclosing to allow the initial surge to subside. The sectionalizer then resets to normal.

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Model Names:


Field Name

Field Type



long integer

Indicates presence of count restraint feature; values are Yes and No.


long integer

Defines multiplier increasing actuating level to account for inrush current.


long integer

Defines multiplier setting for zerosequence fault current.


long integer

Minimum current required to open sectionalizer.

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