Squeeze Off

The purpose of this trace is to determine whether pinching the pipes at selected locations will isolate an area. The result set returned by this trace depends on the type of the requested results defined by the user. If the user wants to see the graphics only, then the results highlight the outage area including the squeeze-off points. If the user wants the results as a selection set, then the results are added to the Selection tab and respect the Selectable Layer settings. See Configure Gas Tracing for set up procedure.

Object Class Model Name: SqueezeOff

Field Name (can be any name)

Field Model Name (exact spelling)



NOTE: The NormalPosition field should be set to open (1) by default.

Squeeze Off Bit Interpretations

  • Bit 30 – This bit specifies device status and depends on the value in the field with the model name of NORMALPOSITION; a value of 0 means the device is closed, 1 means that it is open.

  • Bit 15 – This bit specifies if the device is a Squeeze Off point feature; a value of 1 means that it is, 0 that it is not.

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